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Switching to C# from VBScript
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12/7/2022 7:25:42 PM

I started writing these sites with VBScript back in 2001, about the time that started going out of style.

Rather than being lazy and staying stuck to that programming language, I'm going to start over from scratch on this site and switch everything to C#.

All this really means it's another month or two added to development time.

12/14/2022 3:25:00 PM

What is your timeframe to get this bad boy up and running? how similar will it be to showcattle?

12/14/2022 6:26:56 PM

Starting over on the codebase from scratch means several months longer. Jan-March are busy as hell on and that will likely put this even further on the back burner.

It will be based on showing cattle. That's going to be the extent of it.


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