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12/10/2022 8:15:47 PM

I used my Generic Starter Pack and got 5 commercial breed bulls. I was confused as it said it was supposed to contain all sexes, breeds, and ages. Is this just chance or something yet to be developed? I really can't do anything with 5 bulls, so I'm not sure about this.

12/11/2022 1:36:43 PM

I would imagine its just by chance and also isn't quite fully developed to prevent situations like that, unsure though.

12/11/2022 2:14:27 PM

Yes, it's a random chance from among all the possible options. It doesn't say it will contain all of sexes, breed, and ages it says "5 head of random cattle. All sexes, all breeds, all ages.".

I've added that I need to add a disclaimer to the page to the to-do list.


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