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coins and space questions
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12/17/2022 11:52:42 PM

is there a way to make coins and what ways are there at the moment

is there a way to get more space? Or release animals etc?and what will the objectie be of the game?



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12/18/2022 2:03:52 PM

Don't know.

Working on the code base right now.

The intention is for the game to be detailed enough that there isn't just one goal.

Biggest issue for the folks coming from Showcattle will be that this is NOT Showcattle and will NOT be a feeder cattle game. 

12/19/2022 1:58:56 AM

its all good that its not showcattle just wonder now how to make coins and have fun breeding I mean will breeding a part of the game/ ALso I will be soon havinng  no stable space to do anyting..  

12/19/2022 8:44:53 AM

The subscriptions are all 'fake' money with testing card numbers right now as well. That won't be the subscription model but you can 'upgrade' and it doesn't actually cost anything. Real card numbers won't even work, just the testing ones.

1/2/2023 12:02:26 PM

I'm curious to see what you come up with! I played Show Cattle for showing and improving breed traits. I sometimes got frustrated by the players who kept breeding what I considered to be poor quality cattle for their feedlots or to see how high they could push the numbers on any given trait (especially frame... which I guess was beneficial for feeder operations??) Then were all those who flooded the market with semen from bulls that weren't show quality. Without a way to search for the traits I was interested in or exclude the ones I wasn't, it took a long time to look at every bull and find the ones I wanted to include in my breeding program. Not saying people shouldn't be able to sell semen from their starter bulls, just would be nice to be able to search through it quickly for specific traits (like if my cow has a low frame size, search for a bull with a high frame to try to offset the flaw in the cow. That's an example from Show Cattle. I don't know yet how Steer Jock will work in this regard.)


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