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1/3/2023 8:59:31 AM

All on the new code base...

  • "Mark All Read" now marks all notifications as read
  • "Mark All Read" now fades the notification bell out
  • Notifications now refresh once every ten seconds
  • Added json support to the autocomplete search box
    • Populates with
      • all users who have signed in over past week
      • forum topics from past week
  • Can now post new topics from new code base

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1/4/2023 12:38:36 PM

Test reply count

1/4/2023 12:41:04 PM

Test forum post count ticker

1/4/2023 12:41:26 PM

Test again

1/4/2023 12:43:01 PM
1/4/2023 12:43:17 PM

Ticker again ******


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