Game Development

Status of Game Development
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1/15/2023 3:53:54 PM

I don't want to mislead folks on the status of this site.


To be very clear, developing this site is in no way whatsoever, a priority at this time. I'm not pushing it and not promoting it.

The last time Showcattle made as much in a year as made in the first two weeks of this year was in 2019. It is where my focus is and it is where my focus will remain.

This game is currently a way for me to change gears from time to time and learn C# .NET Core development.

Current Status

It's not even close to being within reach of being ready to play. You pretty much can't do anything at all in the game.

Game Model

All I know is it won't be a feedlot game. There might now be payment for sending cattle to town at all.

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