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9/2/2021 4:50:40 PM

Fullblood Chianina

Fullblood cattle are only 100% Chianina and have two registered parents.

Purebred Chianina

Cattle that are at least 87.50% Chianina and have two registered parents.


Any mixture of Chianina blood percentage and Angus or Red Angus.

For first generation Chiangus, one parent must be registered as a Chianina and the other as an Angus or Red Angus.  For subsequent generations, one parent must be ChiAngus and the other a ChiAngus, Chianina, Angus, or Red Angus.

No more than 6.25% of the blood may be from a breed that is not Chianina, Angus, or Red Angus.

Must be polled.


Must be out of a sire or dam that is registered as a Chianina.

Must have at least 6.25% Chianina blood.

11/3/2021 8:27:44 PM

I just saw this online and thought it would be neat to add as well. they have chiford which the rules work the same as the chiangus but with herefords.


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