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Several User Page Updates
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9/10/2021 4:05:18 PM


  • New greeting on the ranch page that shows alerts
  • Added "unnamed cattle" alert to ranch page
  • Removed ability to delete/modify the holding pen and show string from pastures


  • Setup the color system that will allow for dynamic changes to color/profiles as the game goes along
  • Color system will be based on THIS article
9/14/2021 3:50:35 PM

Very Awesome in color System. Thanks!

9/14/2021 9:47:13 PM

I think this new game is probably going to be lots better than show cattle and SC is a pretty detailed game. I'd love to know what all you plan to add and I'm going to give you my two cents that no one asked for.

Love the ability to show others the best stats and to be able to have hair too for show calves. also love that at some point we can have unlimited head on one ranch. and the realistic breed registry is awesome. I do want to ask will there be mainetainers? or whatever the sim version is? Alo love the ability to register multiple breeds on one calf or to not register the calf at all. I think the ability to not register will be awesome so you can get rid of a decent pure as a "worthless" cross to be used as a recip or just a regular cow to make a feeder. Or if one pure gets bred to the point that they are superior you could take an "ok" one from that breed and not register it in order to have an awesome cross.

I would love for there to be an actual health aspect to the game. Diseases, drugs to fix them, isolation/biosecurity, genetic issues, vaccines. Feeds ability to change stuff. So growth, preformance phenotypically, and reproductive ability.

Also going along with some of those same things, genes that would affect reproduction like embryos produced, semen produced, conception rate both the ability of the bull to get a cow pregnant and the cows ability to get pregnant and the cows ability to carry an embryo and how likely she is to abort a calf. Maybe some overall health things like immune system could be genetic too. Also in real life a f1 calf is more likely to live and the hybrid vigor helps them to be more productive and better conception and ability to raise a calf. and if you use a new breed on that f1 the calf is even more likely to live. So if there were genes included for that that would be awesome. Or at least that crossbreeding would improve some traits.

i'd love to have bulk AI and to be able to sex semen. I think it would be super handy because you could make feeder calves with males or to make replacement cows or just for calving ease of first time heifers. and bulk ai you could tap into a much better bull and breed him to a bunch of cows instead of the pain of doing it individually or having to only use et to get calves from semen in bigger numbers.

suppliments in feed for stuff like reproductive traits, pulling fat off them, putting more muscle/fat in certain areas on or off, hair, health would be cool too.

9/14/2021 9:56:27 PM

also birthweight and horns actually having an affect on the game. and having not only horns but scurrs. if you have different feeds maybe having "brands" and they are close in price and what they do but they still differ from one another some (so not one feed type is superior). 

dna testing for genetics diseases, not being able to test but knowing some are there would also make sense. dna testing for some sort of trait that affects color or growth or resproductive preformance or multiple genes affecting the same thing would be cool too. Like not that one or two genes should be the only affect on growth genetically but just something you could test for like in real life.

9/18/2021 8:34:56 AM

Also there is a slight genetic component to twins (more common in maines) and there are freemartins so I think that would be cool to add in. Plus twins are also somewhat "random". 


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