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Thursday - Beginning Breeding Setup
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12/23/2021 7:39:43 AM

Hesistant to begin this because I don't want you guys to jump to conclusions about how things are going to work long term.  Breeding will not be anywhere close to complete today.


  • Added alert message when female is bred
  • Heifers and cows can now be bred
    • Will add the chance that a breeding doesn't take in future


  • Updated left nav to better describe "My Account" vs "My Herd".
  • Added the sex of the animal to the cattle page
  • Can select herd bulls to breed females now
  • Accessing the HTTP site now redirects to the HTTPS site
  • Increased the session timeout to 5 hours from 2.
  • Search now works for username
  • Search now includes forum subjects
  • Added a "cattle activity" chart to the admin analytics
  • Female pages now show that they have been exposed
    • It will be possible for a female to be exposed but not pregnant, palpation will be part of the game
  • Added a link to the Holding Pen to the nav bar
  • Added a link to the Show String to the nav bar

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