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User Skills
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12/29/2021 8:00:02 PM

Started adding user skills to the game.

As you do things in the sim, your skill in certain actions will increase.  Skills will also slowly decrease over time as well.

You'll also be able to 'contract' or work for other users who need certain services you have a high skill at.

Examples of skills...

Artificial Insemination

When you are doing it for the first few times, your conception rates will be pretty low, in the 50% range.  As you do more your conception rates will get up to the 75% range.


It will be part of the game and you'll get better at it the more you do it.

1/3/2022 12:38:11 PM

Will there be an in game technician/fitter/showman? That way if we can't find anyone to do it for us we can pay the game a higher price? And/or does the person I higher actually have to log on and do it or can I just hit a button and they get paid and my cow gets bred or fit or whatever?


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