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Payment Methods
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12/31/2021 9:53:52 AM

This site won't use Paypal at all.  Using Stripe and users won't have to leave the site to setup payments or make changes.


  • Add credit card
  • Delete credit card
  • Update primary card
  • Can now process payments
  • Can now run subscription renewals

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7/28/2022 9:21:35 AM

I thought there was going to be an option for an unlimited amount of cattle? But not it tops out at 10k au. Seemed a little costly for $50 a month but would be worth it if you got 15k head or more  but now it's a little pricey for a cap especially with the amount we would use on showcattle. 

8/3/2022 8:54:25 AM

I'd ignore all of the pricing stuff. It's just placeholder for the tech side of it to work.


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