Game Development

Several Minor Updates
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1/1/2022 9:47:31 AM


  • Added a natural mating icon for the cattle history list
  • Subscription buttons now work
  • Setup dynamic subscription system where new levels can be added
  • Added monthly/yearly options
  • Can easily switch between monthly levels now
  • Can cancel subscriptions
  • Link to subscription page now shows up on ranch page when near limit
  • Added a "Card Declined" page

Last edited: 1/1/2022 7:05:28 PM by Jeff

1/1/2022 6:27:11 PM

I just started playing and I can't upgrade my account what am I doing wrong?

1/1/2022 6:33:10 PM

The game isn't anywhere close to done.

1/1/2022 6:35:29 PM

Oh okay, I'm trying to figure this all out I thought it was just me is the selling feature created yet?

1/1/2022 6:44:03 PM

No, been focusing on the community side of things before we move to the cattle stuff.


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