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Some quick questions
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12/2/2022 7:00:05 PM

Why does my heifer have a bull icon and not appear to be roan? I was flicking through the news feeds and saw that this was implemented ( unless I read it wrong.

Also, will cattle pass away in this game or will they be kicking it forever?

12/3/2022 7:35:27 AM

Because there's a default image for all cattle and custom image for a very small portion of then right now.

Yeah, they'll die off but that's a long way off.

12/4/2022 6:18:23 PM

I see, thank you! 

12/4/2022 6:23:11 PM

Oh! A few more last questions, do you have a team of developers helping you progress this game? I know it's still in it's early stages and there's multiple errors, so I was curious. 

As I'll be a little more leaning into the breeding aspect of the game: will we have dilutions and color morphs/defects? Such as albinism and gene extensions (wild-type, dun, etc.)? I know this is strictly focused on showing, but again, I'm curious.

12/5/2022 6:23:04 AM

No, just me. Nobody is going to devote a team of developers to an online show cattle game.

The errors are simply pages that are not done.

Wild type and dun are already included, but none of the available source breeds have them in their original options.


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